Motorbike Clothing :

We make for you Top Quality motorbike clothing who protect's you from road mishaps and danger rides. We using genuine leather for professional on road & off road games motorbike suit, motorbike jackets, Chaps, vest...etc We also making great quality textile fabric for above mention clothing. We are making motorbike clothing for Kids, Women & Men's with latest and stylish design according to world different market demand.

FSI Racing :- are specialized manufacturer of all kind of motorcycle protective gloves. Who contain at top quality leather, synthetic leather, stretchy fabrics, TPU, knuckle protection, Air mesh cloth for summer gloves range. Winter collection also have wide range according to public demand and trendy

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Custom Made Apparels

FSI RACING :- is oldest brand name in the manufacturing of Motorbike leather and textile clothing saddler items and other protective thing.  FSI  Racing Providing manufacturing facilities since 1964. We are good know company on base of quality products.

Saddle Bags Long Drive Tools Box

FSI Racing Saddle bags with advantages then regular's are in the market. Our developer team work's hard to make more reliable for customer during their long or short ride time. They test before approving the quality standard and after that FSI Racing Presents for Customers.

Motorbike Riding Gloves

Motorbike Clothing Specially Gloves are our top demanding item. If 100 type of Gloves you see in markets. So we can give 200 type of different gloves verity. Which never seen in market before. We learn customers mind and develop according to their expectations.


We providing best quality motocross  protective clothing, Specially Pant, Gloves, Jacket, Shirt...etc.

Racing Suit

Motorbike professional Racing Suit protected with TPU &UTP protectors and sliders. Fit to wear top quality material used

Long Ride with Safty

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Postal adress: 45 Beach Road Moullie Point 8007 Cape Town South Africa

Phone: (021) 332-112-222